Unwind with design inspired by Swedish nature

Style, like comfort, means different things to everyone - and our range of beds and accessories is designed to inspire creativity and nurture uniqueness. We believe beds should not only soothe the body, but also the soul. That is why ours provide a perfect balance of luxurious comfort and exquisite style. With a range of legs, headboards, fabrics and functions, you are free to customise your bed to reflect your taste, personality and needs. And, as trends come in and out of vogue, you can simply update accessories without replacing your bed.

Our dream is that your bed becomes an integral part of your life, providing years of restful sleep and aesthetic pleasure. We take our inspiration from the archipelago on the West Coast of Sweden, where the vast ocean meets serene cliffs and beautiful fields of heather. We want to transform the bedroom to a place that reminds you of your own happy place. Beautiful, serene, tranquil - the perfect place to unwind.

Enhance the design experience with our bedroom essentials

It's all in the details, and our bedroom essentials and accessories are carefully selected to help turn your bedroom into a true sanctuary. Unwind with luscious scents from our organic soy wax candles, hand-poured in Sweden, or luxuriate in the feeling of one of our mulberry silk kimonos. Add the finishing touch to your bedroom with a stylish chrome Holme bedside table and a plush faux fur throw.

Quality - from start to finish

Quality starts with raw materials and craftmanship. We use the finest raw materials available on the market - slow-growth Nordic pine, Talalay latex, organic cotton, and stunning fabrics from Designers Guild and Romo Group. Our expert bed-makers then take these materials and craft your perfect bed by hand in our Swedish manufacturing facility. The same person builds your bed from start to finish and signs the bedframe when done - the ultimate mark of quality.

Built to last

Our beds come with a 25-year warranty on springs and bedframes, and a 10-year warranty on the motors for adjustable beds.

Our timeless designs and unbeatable quality mean that your bed will last you a lifetime. With both classic and modern fabric choices from celebrated suppliers such as Designers Guild and Romo Group, your bed will be a life-long showcase piece in the home.

Innovation - Discover our groundbreaking work

Carpe Diem Beds was founded by a chiropractor and over the years we have stayed true to our roots, by developing some of the most innovative bed technology on the market to protect your back. Discover how much technology and know-how goes into building our beds – including five unique patents. All to help you truly unwind with maximum comfort.


Our J-Pocket spring system, which consists of two layers of steel pocket springs atop a viscoelastic bottom layer, results is a particularly responsive and comfy bed.


The X-pocket patent features an advanced mid-layer of springs. This layer allows for the bed to better conform to your body while also providing even great stability.


The Carpe Diem Beds Contour Pocket system is a unique innovation where the individual pocket springs adjust to the body's contours, instantly molding to every new position. We've integrated padding material in each spring instead of placing them on top of the spring system. The result: supreme comfort and the ultimate sleeping experience.


Developed in cooperation with the Spinal Unit at Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg and in collaboration with massage therapists, our pressure relieving bottom segment allows the most burdened springs to subside instead of pushing back against the body. This reduces pressure and ensures efficient blood circulation, helping you sleep undisturbed and wake up refreshed.


The back support in our Skaftö bed is constructed to make small adjustments based on your body's position, giving you greater comfort. Thanks to the moveable mid-section at the bottom of the bed, you can create perfect alignment between your hips and shoulders, whatever your height or weight. After a long day of standing up and putting pressure on your back, that extra support can do wonders.


Use the lumbar support in our Vindö and Marstrand models to achieve true comfort in an upright position. It prevents your back from dropping, and the integrated engine makes it easy to control the level of support based on your needs.


You'll find a soft polyester lining on our adjustable Saltö and Marstrand frame. This prevents any pinching when you lower the beds into their flat position (and helps prevent children from placing their little fingers in the gap).