Extravagant bedroom makeover with Villa Sparflo

September 21, 2023

When choosing the masterpiece for her bedroom, talented Qaroline Nähl selected the Limited Design Edition Sandö from Carpe Diem Beds. With its classic houndstooth pattern, woven into soft chenille from the Romo Group, the bed is a statement manifesting both chic design and state-of-the-art quality comfort.

“A haven for the entire family, including the dog”

"When transforming our bedroom, the journey led us to Carpe Diem Beds – a true realm of comfort, style and tranquillity. Our home is like a canvas for minimalism, adorned with an earthy colour palette, while at the same time challenging the norms of aesthetics. Every piece of furniture shall fill up its place, and classic Sandö most certainly does just that."

When planning their sanctuary, they sought a space where the entire family could gather and rejuvenate.

"We wanted a room that wrapped us in an aura of relaxation and revitalisation. With little feet pitter-pattering and our furry friend seeking solace too, our bedroom needed to be a harmonious embrace of both functionality and aesthetics. And the dog bed in the same houndstooth pattern really is a treat!"

”Every piece of furniture shall fill up its place, and classic Sandö most certainly does just that.”

A sleep sensation

Still, style is not everything. A bed has another very important purpose, too. It provides a comfortable and supportive surface for sleeping and resting, making sure you wake up refreshed and ready to face a new day.

"The Sandö bed cradles the body like a warm embrace, offering us nights and nights of restful sleep. The mattress’s responsiveness and precision support cater to our individual needs, making it a great investment for both body and soul."

Good things come in threes

To make the design of the room complete, Qaroline has a tip: to let three elements that you really love run like a red thread through your home, creating a recurring yarn of cohesion and calmness.

"Continuity is vital in design. Whether it is a hue, a texture, or a fabric, repetition knits the totality together and shape a common theme of serenity throughout the home. If you are like us, finding joy in frequent home transformations, let the base be a classic canvas of nature-inspired tones. Then, experiment with captivating accents that seize attention and spark conversation."

A beautiful balance

When trying to describe the final result of their new bedroom, Qaroline yet again puts focus on the bed, describing it as being the heart of their sanctuary.

"Sandö's allure captivated us. It embraced us like a hug, while the 'Jackie Dalmatian' fabric, timeless yet bold, adorned the bed artfully. Our transformed bedroom embodies a perfect balance between our personal style and the need of a highly comfortable bed – a haven for all, including the dog."