Cylinder Aluminum Bed Leg
Cylinder Oak bed leg with aluminum base. Available in three heights and five colours. Sold in a 4-pack.
790,00 DKK
Made to order and delivered within 6-8 weeks

Cylinder bed legs are classic, high-quality cylindrical bed legs. These elegant and functional cylindrical bed legs complement Carpe Diem Beds’ large selection of beds. Choose from three heights: 13 cm, 17 cm and 23 cm. Cylinder bed legs come in the following colours and combination of materials: Black-painted oak with an aluminium base, grey-stained oak with an aluminium base, oiled oak, oiled oak with an aluminium base, imitation wenge in oak, imitation wenge in oak with an aluminium base, and white-painted oak with an aluminium base. Cylinder bed legs are sold in a 4-pack.