Elevate your bedroom with the versatile and comfortable headboard pillows Rixö. Offering a modern alternative to traditional headboards, these pillows embody minimalist design and endless styling possibilities. Comes in a set of two.
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Rixö headboard pillows are a functional and decorative alternative to traditional headboards. With their squared design and minimalist aesthetic, they elevate any bedroom. The pillows offer endless styling possibilities and can be used as additional support when paired with Carpe Diem Beds' headboards or as a standalone decorative element. In homes with limited space, Rixö offers comfort and style without taking up the space of a traditional headboard.

Rixö Headboard Pillows come in a set of two.

Design your Rixö
Available in any of Carpe Diem Beds' fabrics, Rixö can be customised to match your bed and bedroom decor. The option to change pillowcases allows for endless bedroom styling, ensuring your decor always feels fresh and contemporary.

Handmade in Sweden
Rixö headboard pillows are made by hand in the Carpe Diem Beds factory in Småland, Sweden.